The Influence of Media

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An episode from PBS Frontline talks about how teenagers are so manipulated by social media advertisement. I remember that they looked at the teens’ behavior towards social media. Most teens are insecure about the amount of audience they have, this includes likes, comments, followers, and attention. It’s a competition that is never ending, as long as they use media platforms.

Then the subject came to be about our awareness of advertisers. Celebrities and promoters make money through our views and usage of social media. On Instagram, we like posts about brands and such. On Youtube, we subscribe and watch videos, Youtubers profit from this. We are not being used by¬†corporations on social media because either way, everyone benefits. Viewers choose to have these websites and apps at their free will. You are not being forced to engage in this cult of media platforms. The practice of integrating advertising/marketing into social media is ethical, and appropriate, because that’s how we entertain ourselves.

There are negative consequences that exist¬†for social media marketing and teens because in a way, they are being sneaky. I get so annoyed when I see celebrities’ posts promoting make up, beauty supplies, or hair care. I would rather see their creations and what they would rather post. Social media marketing is a target to people, for their financial profits and fame.